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Getting started and making sales on social media is probably one of the hardest parts of growing your business. Trust me, I’ve been there! For that reason, I want to use my platform to help other finance brands get their names out there.  Pricing will  be: 


Post Options

$47 for a 24-hour post

$67 for a 48-hour post 

$77 for a permanent post (Most Popular)

Story Options 

$30 for a 24-hour story + swipe feature


If you believe in your products and services and have a heart to help others, I want to give you the exposure you need!

Requirements For The Promos:

Please provide me with the image/1-minute video, caption (if applicable), IG handle, and the link to your website (if applicable) for your post/story. Please also provide me with any hashtags you want to use and indicate if you want it under your caption or in the comments. Hashtags help improve visibility. 

Please make sure the caption is legible and appropriate for Instagram. I do not share any content that contains vulgar/profane language, nudity, or anything of the like. 

Posts that share your accomplishments (i.e. paying off debt, building wealth, crushing your savings goals, launching a new product/service the audience can benefit from, sharing a strategy) and provide value in terms of money tips tend to do well! 

Please note: We process requests in the order they are received. I will plan to post during high traffic times to help increase visibility.

Ready To Grow Your Brand and Business With Us?

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Post Options

None – Select Below, $47 for a 24-hour post, $67 for a 48-hour post, $77 for a permanent post (Most Popular)

Story Options

None – Select Below, $30 for a 24-hour story + swipe feature

12 reviews for Grow Your Brand/Business With Us!

  1. Tyler

    Hey man! I knew your community was large and engaging but WOW! I grew over 200 followers in one day. I had tons of people introducing themselves and commenting on my stuff and I got to meet a ton on incredible folks and they’re now on a journey with me forever (hopefully! Haha) Thanks again for helping me grow my account I really appreciate it man!!

  2. Genevieve

    Wonderful to work with! Just starting out gaining new followers and building an audience is hard! Leo was able to take my information and put into a post that his audience could relate to. My account gained over 200 followers in 24 hrs and interactions increased by 75%. I feel confident I will be booking financial coaching clients through this so it pays for itself!

  3. Latasha

    I had an amazing experience! I did the 24-hour promo and I gained 100 + followers from it.

    Leo’s followers are loyal and engaged, and as a result I booked a coaching client from using this service. Which means the promo paid for itself and more.

    I highly recommend them if you’re looking to grow your blog or business and if you are looking for top-notch customer service.

  4. Travis Shelton

    Their process was awesome, they were amazing to work with, and their audience was tremendously engaging. Couldn’t recommend this more!

    • Freedom is a Choice MVT (verified owner)

      It was a pleasure working with you and your business Travis! Glad we were able to showcase your content and expand your reach!

  5. Alexis

    I booked a client with a 24 hour post. Thank you!

    • Freedom is a Choice MVT (verified owner)

      Alexis, I’m so glad you were able to reach your ideal client from the promo!

  6. @budgetmecrazy1

    I really loved this! I did the 24 hour promo and grew my following by 100. I appreciate this promo opportunity and for your platform for sharing my brand.

    • Freedom is a Choice MVT (verified owner)

      So glad you received great results from the promo!!

  7. @thejoneses11

    Boosted our followers by 100+ in less than 24 hours. Thanks!

    • Freedom is a Choice MVT (verified owner)

      We loved helping you grow your brand!!

  8. Budget Queens

    We signed up for a 24 hour promo increased our followers by 51 was well worth it to build genuine followers.

    Thank you for your platform and the work you do !

  9. Chandler

    Grew my reach by 70+ followers. I’m new to the personal finance\debt free community and being able to reach others in this community in invaluable. Definitely worth it and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to grow their brand. 5 ⭐’s.

  10. Haley Brown-Woods

    We loved this! We paid for a 24 hour post so we could boost our following and downloads for our new podcast, The Price of Avocado Toast! We were brand new and this helped our following increase by 100 in just 24 hours, which ultimately led to more subscribers and downloads!

  11. Angela

    I signed up for a 24 hour promo on Leo’s page when my account was very new. The investment was well worth it. His content is amazing and his followers are engaged and loyal. In 24 hours I gained 88 new followers, which is spectacular for a new account.

    Leo’s prescence in the debt free community is legit. He and his wife are really making a difference in people’s lives. If you’re on the fence about a promo, do it! You won’t regret it.

  12. @ShareScoops

    Boosted our followers by 50+ in less than 12hrs!

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