Got Debt? The 7 Bulletproof Steps To Debt Freedom (Paperback)

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Finally! A Blueprint That Shows You EXACTLY How To Pay Off Your Student Loans FAST, Eliminate ALL Your Credit Card Debt, and Take Control of Your Finances NOW!

Have You Ever Felt This Way?

When your paycheck comes, it seems like you owe so much to everyone else that you can barely keep anything for yourself!

You went to school, got the degree, and now you feel like all the money you’re earning is paying for it!

You’ve made some mistakes in the past, and you want to do better… but things are always “coming up”, and your debt is getting in the way of the life you desire!

Listen… I know EXACTLY how you feel.

When my wife and I first got married, we had over $200,000 in DEBT. Credit cards, students loans, you name it–we had it!

But eventually, we had had enough. The debt felt like a huge burden (I mean… it’s TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS) and we didn’t know where to turn.

Eventually, we found a system and a strategy that got us real results. We’ve paid off over $223,000 in 2.5 years, and now we want to help other people find a way out of debt into financial freedom!

That’s why I wrote the book Got Debt?

Do You Feel STUCK In Your Debt?

What If I Could Show You a PROVEN System To A Better Way?

My book “Got Debt” gives you the path my wife and I followed to pay off $223,000+ of debt!

And now, this step-by-step guide to becoming debt free is available to you!

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • How to find the debt payoff strategy that is most effective to your needs.
  • How to establish a budget you’ll actually stick to so that you regain control of your finances.
  • Practical ways to decrease your expenses and get an instant increase in your paycheck.
  • Over 30 side hustles you can start today to boost your current income.
  • Money saving tips for college students and new graduates with student loans.
  • Loan Repayment Program options available to you that can save you money!
  • The truth about debt consolidation, bankruptcy, refinancing, debt settlement, and so much more!


If you’ve been struggling to get started or not making as much progress as you’d like, this is the book for you! Claim your copy now!


Leo Jean-Louis has been FEATURED ON:
The Steve Harvey TV Show
Yahoo Finance
Northwestern Mutual
Ramsey Solutions



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11 reviews for Got Debt? The 7 Bulletproof Steps To Debt Freedom (Paperback)

  1. Jacqueline Gordon

    This was a really really good source. This past weekend our credit score went up 43 points. Must read!!! One of the best things I purchased during this pandemic!!!

  2. Diva

    This book is the truth about succeeding in the struggle to become debt free! So much knowledge in this book along with real life scenarios to relate to. If you really want to be debt free this is a must read!

    • Freedom is a Choice MVT

      Thank you!! Glad you enjoyed the book!!

  3. Lysa Peters

    This book is not just for Millenials!!! I am a Gen-Xer and learned a ton. I read this book in 2 days! I also took the Credit Crash Course. Both are motivational, I am ready to start my journey.

    • Freedom is a Choice MVT

      So glad you enjoyed the book Lysa!! Best wishes on your journey to financial freedom!

  4. TyShanique

    I found out about Leo and his wife’s journey on Instagram. Immediately I followed his wife’s page to follow their debt freedom journey. Between their journey, and April D. Wesley’s debt freedom journey I was inspired to tackle some of my debt.. something I never really considered. Like most Americans, I just assumed I’d live with my debt for the rest of my life. Fast forward from that time (about 2 years) to now I’ve paid $12,000 of my debt and once I graduate school I plan to tackle the rest aggressively. This book does a great job highlighting the mindset you need to tackle debt. Dispelling myths of debt and credit and giving you the power to overcome your debt. I’d recommend reading it if you’re serious about getting out of debt!

    • Freedom is a Choice MVT

      So glad to hear you’re using the lessons you learned in this book to tackle your debt! Keep up the great work! You’re off to a great start!!

  5. Tauren Poole

    One of the best books on the market on debt freedom and personal finance. If you are looking for a book to inspire you to stay out of the rat race this is the book for you. If you want to break the generational curse of how you view finances this is the book for you! If you want to build something greater than yourself and leave a legacy THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU! Tap into becoming a better you by choosing freedom. Invest in your future.

    • Freedom is a Choice MVT

      Tauren, thank you for the 5-star review! Glad you enjoyed the book and found it helpful on your journey to financial freedom!

  6. Mike

    Whose Balance Sheet Are You Building Up?
    The chapter on interest and balance sheets alone is a worldview shift! When you look at a loan in reverse, it’s just you building the legacy and net worth statement of another person. You can’t argue that most of the debt we carry in America is consumer-driven and a result of the education system. This book really shows that there are options for normal people to take some control over their finances. Guarantee you’ll walk away from this story changed – for the better.

    • Freedom is a Choice MVT

      Thank you for your thoughtful review Mike! Understanding this very important fact should stir anyone with debt to do everything in their power to eliminate their debt ASAP!

  7. Martis R

    If you are interested in becoming debt free then this is the book for you! I preordered the book, the information provided in this book are essential to not only those in debt but to society as a whole. In this book you will be able to learn about credit, auto and student loans. You will find resources as finding solutions to rid yourself from the misery of owing creditors but also for students looking for information regarding scholarships and various ways to make create different streams of income. 5 stars isn’t enough, the book deserves 10. Well done Leo

    • Freedom is a Choice MVT

      Martis, thank you so much for leaving us a review! I hope you feel more confident and equipped on your journey to debt freedom!

  8. Philippe Desir

    If debt freedom is what you dream of this is the book for you! The stigma associated with debt is tackled head on and you are given the necessary steps to start your path towards debt freedom! I pre-ordered mine already because this was the book I been waiting for to start my journey! Make your dreams become your reality!

    • Freedom is a Choice MVT

      Phil, thank you for supporting! So glad to hear you enjoyed the read!

  9. Ranee Carmili Hayes (verified owner)

    If you are serious about getting your life on track financially, mentally and just for your own satisfaction this book is a must read. If you think about it many of us were not taught how to financially take care of ourselves. We were not taught how to save for our retirement. We were taught to mind your teachers and get good grades. But importantly, we may have taken a bookkeeping class but the class really didn’t teach us how not to fall into the pit of taking out loans, taking out mortgages instead of saving that money and make a plan to pay for the things that you need with cash.

    Leo Jean-Louis says this is the reasons why we fall into this pit. He teaches us the seven bullet proof steps to debt freedom. The book is very easy to read, it’s lightweight and easy to understand. The book explains why and how we get into debt. The author breaks down the steps and guides you on how to become debt free. This book is offered at a very low price and is lightweight easy to take in a purse or carry. Everything discussed is referenced and clearly stated. I would urge anyone who wants to become debt free should purchase this book. I am going to purchase as gifts because it is important to also help family and friends.
    Thank you.

    • Freedom is a Choice MVT

      Thanks for ordering and for leaving us a thoughtful review! So glad to hear you enjoyed the read!

  10. Arlene Majuste (verified owner)

    If you are serious about paying down debt and starting or continuing a legacy for your family, this is what you are looking for! This book covers the many questions you will have along your journey to debt freedom and building wealth. It is so easy to comprehend. It will motivate you, shock you, and shows just how much closer you are to realizing your dreams. I am so appreciative of the journey that the author took to clear the way for us readers. It won’t be easy but with prayer and the guidance that is found in Got Debt, you can make this dream a reality!

    • Freedom is a Choice MVT (verified owner)

      Arlene, so glad you enjoyed the book! Thank you so much for your awesome feedback! I am excited for you to become debt free with the tools we provide in this book!

  11. Imani B (verified owner)

    Awesome book! I pre ordered and I must say the first two chapters are incredible! Leo provides critical thinking questions which pushes you to think outside the box and move towards being debt free! I love the budget sheet may I add, no need to wait order this book today!

    • Freedom is a Choice MVT (verified owner)

      Thank you for pre-ordering Imani and many more thanks for your awesome feedback! So glad to hear you are already being challenged to go against the status quo! The remaining chapters will be even better!

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