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A good credit score is used for more than just getting a credit card or a loan. Credit scores provide a quick way for creditors to see how responsibly you’ve managed the money you’ve borrowed. It’s a tool that allows you to do business with other companies and build wealth. While earning a good credit score comes with huge benefits, not knowing how to use credit effectively can be problematic and costly.

The one thing we all know is that a bad credit score limits your options and costs you SO MUCH MORE MONEY! Having a bad or a low credit score usually means:

  • getting charged higher interest rates
  • having difficulty getting approved for loans
  • getting charged deposits for utilities
  • getting denied for employment
  • having higher insurance premiums
  • having difficulty starting a business

And the list goes on…..

I think you get the point!

Life is already difficult as it is. Why make it more difficult for yourself  by having a low credit score.



A good credit score unlocks doors and grants you ACCESS to a world of opportunities! A world where you hear more YESES. That’s why I created the Credit Crash Course. This highly-demanded, easy to follow, yet jammed-packed crash course will give you the tools you need to BOOST your credit score from the sidelines and into the game!

In this Crash Course, you will learn:

  • The blueprint I showed my wife to improve her credit score from 580 to 817
  • The 4 secrets to improving your credit score so that you can almost always receive the best interest rates
  • Two strategies you can implement RIGHT AWAY to build your credit from scratch 
  • How to rebuild your credit score and get back on track in the next 90 days
  • How to improve your credit so you can qualify for better credit cards with higher limits and rewards
  • How to improve your credit so you can have access to more home buying options and purchase your first home

What’s included:

  • 2 Hours of Video Content
  • Credit Crash Course Quiz
  • 45 Credit and Credit Card Terms/Definitions Everyone Should Know

Are You Ready To Transform Your Credit Score?

*This course is available for immediate download.*



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16 reviews for Credit Crash Course

  1. Sarah (verified owner)

    This credit building course changed my life. My credit went from a low 500 to almost 700. I gained tools and understanding that I never knew existed and am a better Steward of my credit cards. I am grateful for this course and for Leo. I am trying to get to the 800 club soon so that I can buy a house with lower interests.

  2. BARBARA ROBERTS (verified owner)

    Long overdue review. Leo is thorough, concise when he needed to be and a very well out and thought out line for the course. I left with information I needed to know and info that will need down the line. I have already increased my credit score by 30 points since taking the course. Getting to the 800 club is looking closer everyday. My path to financial literacy is getting a little smoother thanks to Leo.

    • Freedom is a Choice MVT

      My pleasure!! Can’t wait to see you get to the 800 club!!

  3. Patrick Woolley (verified owner)

    This course has a lot of great Gems and Leo does a great a job of explaining each of them. It is also great that I am able to rewatch this course. Thanks Leo for all this great information and helping our generation with financial literacy.

    • Freedom is a Choice MVT

      Thanks for leaving a review Patrick! Glad you enjoyed the course!!

  4. Rebecca coralie (verified owner)

    My credit score went from bad 505 to 621 in a matter of 60 days!! I have a goal to by a house by next year but the way my credit score was set up, it was not even possible. Through this course I learned so much about credit and I was able to apply the advice immediately! I took each step and sometimes I retake the course. It really makes a big difference when you understand how credit works!!

    • Freedom is a Choice MVT

      What a huge jump in 60 days Rebecca!!! Way to apply the information from the course!!

  5. Jasmine

    Working with Leo was amazing & life changing! He really showed me how I could increase my credit score. Since working with him, my credit score has increased well over 20 points, I officially have three car payments to pay and my car will be paid off, I paid off a huge credit card balance this year (it had a lot of interest on it) and I was able to increase my income and move into my dream place! Leo is very knowledgeable and him and his wife are true examples of excellent stewardship!

    • Freedom is a Choice MVT

      Jasmine, it was a pleasure working with you regarding increasing your credit score! So proud of the progress you’ve made!!

  6. Rose (verified owner)

    All I can say is Wow.. the simple steps helped my score over night (19 points). It’s worth it! I would encourage anyone and everyone to take the course. Once you see the results it will literally give you encouragement to keep going!! Thank you so much Leo!!

    • Freedom is a Choice MVT

      That’s amazing Rose!! Way to begin implementing the strategies we discussed in the course!! You are well on your way to an excellent credit score!

  7. Kenneth Bonner (verified owner)

    My wife and I met with Leo to discuss our financial status and potential future financial moves we could make to put us in a better position. The information Leo shared with us provided us with priceless perspective. You really cannot put a price on financial stability and the tools Leo provides are resourceful, practical, and easily applicable. Since our meeting with him, we have shared our experience with all of our family and friends and will continue to HIGHLY recommend his services!

    • Freedom is a Choice MVT

      It was a pleasure working with you and your wife, Kenneth. Thanks for trusting me to guide you on your financial journey. Glad you found our session and the Credit Crash Course helpful!

  8. Dana Bach (verified owner)

    I learned at least two new ways to help improve my credit score. Well worth the small amount of money paid and the time spent to take notes and get taught some new tricks! I’m excited to see what happens in the next 30 days just based on some very easy and small moves I was able to do right away with what I learned in the crash course!

    • Freedom is a Choice MVT

      Thanks for leaving a review! So glad you enjoyed the course and have already begun implementing the strategies!

  9. Marie (verified owner)

    Leo’s credit crash course is eye opening! I always wanted to fix my credit. This course motivated me to take control over my finances. I learned a lot from the course and also from his book “ Got Debt”.

  10. Christine (verified owner)

    I am thankful for the Credit Crash Course. I learned many strategies that I did not know. I will implement the strategies to further increase my credit score! Thank you Leo and Faith!

    • Freedom is a Choice MVT

      You’re very welcome Christine! Glad you enjoyed the course!

  11. Daniel lynch (verified owner)

    This course was more than what I expected and more than I ever received from any advice/credit course I had previously completed. Fortunately, unlike those previous courses, I had come away with legitimate knowledge and tools to improve my credit score. Like most Americans, I had implemented the so called “tried and true” strategies to repair my credit ( the ones we all know ) such as paying my bills on time , establishing lines of credit ETC…. but something was missing. Although my credit score improved, it had remained between the 750-760 area without budging over the last few years. Over the years I had received conflicting advice from well intentioned, but mostly uninformed individuals. In short, I was frustrated and had began to accept a “respectable” credit score. Fortunately, I decided to enroll in the “Freedom Is A Choice Credit Crash Course”. This 2 + hour seminar is packed with information, which is presented in an enjoyable and easy to follow format (great since I’m not a finance major!). Through this course I learned exactly what I was and wasn’t doing to improve my credit score. The transparency and simplicity of the strategies was refreshing and gave me confidence to improve my credit. I highly recommend this course for anyone. Those with poor credit, average, or even good credit can benefit! Highly recommended! Thank you!!!! ????

    • Freedom is a Choice MVT

      Our goal is always to provide high quality content! Sorry you had bad experiences before but so glad you’re on the right track now! Can’t wait to hear the progress you make. Let’s shoot for the 800 club!!

  12. Corey bryant (verified owner)

    Leo is my bread and butter play man, lol. My FICO has improved 64 points in 3 months based on the knowledge gained from his Credit Crash Course, 1-on-1 planning, and reading ‘Got Debt?’. I can’t wait to see the results at the end of the month for what I applied after taking the course earlier this month

    • Freedom is a Choice MVT

      What a huge jump Corey! Way to implement all of the strategies and actionable steps we discussed!

  13. Stephanie Voltaire (verified owner)

    Leo’s crash course was very informative. I really like that he made sure to educate us on the background and specifics of credit prior to teaching how we can increase our credit score. Although I knew about ONE of the secrets, there were plenty of other points that he shared on how to increase your score. This course is very detailed and informative. I am going to implement what I learned to increase my score but to also help the next generation. No matter how much you know about credit, this course will def teach you something new.

    • Freedom is a Choice MVT

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the course Stephanie! Excited for you to implement those strategies!!

  14. Starla W. (verified owner)

    This course has a wealth of information that will change how you view and approach your credit going forward. Nugget after nugget of good information is dropped in this course. I highly recommend you take your time as you weed through the information and do not skip ANYTHING! Our credit gives us access to so much, but this course makes you evaluate how your spending behavior drastically impacts your credit score. If you need tips on how to improve your credit, you are given a blueprint on how to do just that. Leo provides actionable steps that can be implemented as soon as you are done watching the course. I have already started implementing some of the strategies he provided and next I will be disputing errors on my credit report which he also drops nuggets on discrepancies to look for and how to go about disputing them. I highly recommend this course to anybody! It is time to improve our financial health, build wealth, and break generational curses!

    • Freedom is a Choice MVT

      Thanks for leaving this awesome review Starla! I’m glad you enjoyed it and feel confident that you can improve your score after taking the course!

  15. Alicia (verified owner)

    Although, I have researched on my own about credit and income, this gave me a crash course like nothing I’ve ever seen! Yes it’s lengthy and yes you are tempted to skip ahead but the flesh is weak. You need to discipline yourself to listen and take notes. I can honestly say that this is going to be a pain in the butt, but it’ll be worth it. Some of the secrets shared I’m already doing, but now it’s about applying what I now know with the strategies I learned in this course. I want my cycle to end so my children won’t have this issue at all. In a black community this is not taught nor talked about. I was a result of that. Now I’m breaking curses and letting my kids know the benefit of having exceptional credit.

    • Freedom is a Choice MVT

      Glad you enjoyed the course Alicia! Excited for you improve your credit over the next few months!

  16. Alicia (verified owner)

    Leo’s crash course was overly filled with many helpful nuggets. Whether you know a lot or a little about building or rebuilding your credit, everyone will be able to benefit from his course. I am excited to get started with implementing his suggestions for a better result in my credit score!!!!!

    • Freedom is a Choice MVT

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the course Alicia! Thanks for leaving a review! I’m excited for you to increase your score by implementing the strategies I taught in the course!

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