Learn how to STOP paying for your PAST so you can START investing in your FUTURE!

Hosted by Millennial Debt Freedom Coaches Faith & Leo Jean-Louis

Are you ready to take control of your money? Apply to join The Debt $layers BOOTCAMP! This intense 5-week mentorship program will help you gain control of your finances and eliminate debt! You will receive comprehensive accountability and work with Faith and Leo on a small-group scale.


  1. You’re tired of living paycheck to paycheck with no end in sight.
  2. You’ve felt stressed out by the thought of creating a budget, much less keeping one.
  3. You want to become debt free but haven’t been able to remain committed on the journey.
  4. You feel alone in your pursuit of achieving your financial goals.
  5. You know where you would like to be financially but need some guidance and accountability.
  6. You’re frustrated by your inability to make any real and sustainable progress.
  7. You’re finally ready to be transparent, receive help, and get your finances in order.

The Debt $layers Bootcamp is NOT for everyone. But, if you said YES to any of the seven points above, then keep on reading to learn more about the structure of the program.

Here is what YOU can expect over the 5 weeks:

Program Date: NOW CLOSED

5 Weekly Lessons Covering 8-9 Topics ($1397 value): Our small-group meetings are tentatively scheduled for Sunday evenings at 8:00pm EST (however, this may change depending on the availability of the group). 

Weekly Financial Challenges ($347 value): Each week you will be given new Financial Challenges and Actionable Steps that push you closer to your overall financial goals!

3-Month Follow Up ($199 Value): We will follow up with the group 3 months after the bootcamp to check on your progress and answer any questions you have about the debt-free journey.

Community (Priceless): As part of TDS Bootcamp, you will have access to our community of Debt $layers! You will be able to connect with other like-minded individuals who will encourage you to remain disciplined on your financial journey.


Got Debt? The 7 Bulletproof Steps to Debt Freedom E-book ($13

As a participant of The Debt $layers Bootcamp, you will receive a free electronic copy of Got Debt? The 7 Bulletproof Steps to Debt Freedom. Learn how Faith and Leo paid off over $100,000 of debt in 12 months!


Freedom Meter ($17 value)

Those who are accepted into The Debt $layers Bootcamp will receive a free Freedom Meter poster for a simple visual to track your debt payoff goals and save thousands of dollars in interest payments!


One-on-One Discovery Call ($99 value)

As a Debt $layers Bootcamp participant, you will receive a one-on-one discovery call with Faith and Leo where we will discuss your financial goals, analyze your current financial picture, and provide actionable steps so that you are as successful as possible. This is FREE for those who are accepted into the program.

The Problem With Waiting….

The Debt $layers Bootcamp is going to be a GAME CHANGER for every person who is accepted into the program. So many lives have been changed and marriages strengthened from the lessons taught in this program. Because we want you to share in this experience, we are offering the bootcamp at the lowest price and highest value EVER.

With each program, we will have even more testimonials, more “before and after” stories,  and more expertise helping families achieve financial freedom.

Eventually, our help will be exclusively one-on-one at a premium rate, so don’t miss this opportunity!

Important note:
Because of demand, we can only accept 10-15 people for this program. So, it's first come, first serve!

The total value of the program (with bonuses) is over $1,900! However, those who are accepted into the bootcamp will receive everything mentioned above for


No, this is not a typo!


**Payment Plans Available**

TDS Bootcamp Application Fee now 50% off at: $17

Application Deadline: NOW CLOSED (currently revamping the program to make it bigger and better!)

*The application will immediately be sent to your email once you submit your payment. Please fill out the application in its entirety. Once you complete the application, the information will be sent directly to Faith and Leo for review and you will hear back shortly thereafter.
*The application fee is non-refundable even if you choose not to move forward with the bootcamp. If you decide not to move forward with this round and want to pursue this opportunity at a later date, you will have to pay another application fee and go through the application process again in order to be considered for the program.



Budgeting & Strategy Session

60-Minute Session(s)
$ 300-700
  • 1-on-1 Budgeting & Strategy Session with Leo
  • Budget Analysis
  • Live Discovery Call and Consultation
  • Immediate Feedback with Actionable Steps For Your Specific Needs
  • Pick My Brain: I Will Answer Any Finance Related Question You Have!

TDS Bootcamp
Group Coaching

5-Week Program
$ 299 Deadline To Apply is 01/24/2021
  • Basic Features
  • 1-on-1 Live Discovery Call
  • 5 Weekly Lessons Covering 8-9 Topics
  • Budget Accountability from Faith & Leo
  • Weekly Financial Challenges
  • Community
  • 3-Month Follow Up

Exclusive Couples Coaching with Faith & Leo

6-Week Program
$ 1,500
  • Premium Features
  • 4 Exclusive 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions
    (up to 45 minutes per session)
  • Weekly Reports After Each Session
  • Ongoing Email Support in Between Sessions
  • Exit Interview Strategy Session

  • Basic Features
  • 1-on-1 Live Discover Call
  • 4 Weekly Lessons Covering 7-8 Topics
  • Budget Accountability from Faith & Leo
  • Weekly Financial Challenges
  • 3-Month Follow Up